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Official Twilight’s Saga New Moon Trailer!!!

June 1, 2009

First 15 Second Official Twilight’s Saga New Moon Movie

June 1, 2009

Twilight Saga’s New Moon star Kristen Stewart loves the Cullens in Twilight

May 14, 2009

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart on Twilight's Saga New Moon set in Vancouver, CanadaKristen Stewart thinks Robert Pattinson, Jackson Rathbone and the rest of the Cullens did a great job in Twilight. She thinks the way they showed their ‘connection’ was great. Kristen told “Yeah! They absolutely seemed to portray people that have been together not just for however long a normal family would be together…

“Families don’t always want to be together all the time; (the Cullens) have chosen to be together all the time; it’s different when you choose that, and absolutely I think they portrayed that; It’s something you see that’s so admirable, and you want to be part of it.”

We can’t wait to see the birthday party scene in New Moon and how Jackson goes for Bella. Kristen admitted that the worst part of making a film is doing interviews which we found really funny because she was doing an interview at the time. She was also asked what was the best part. Kristen replied: “Being done. At the beginning of a project, it’s like, so daunting. A lot of people were very celebratory (at the beginning of filming) because they knew that this was gonna be, like, “Oooh, it’s a big movie! We have a built-in fan base! You guys are doing great!” Yeah, but our job is so far from being done. “I’m always incredibly stressed out in the middle of making a movie, and once I’m finished, it’s like “Whew… done.” It’s finished, and I don’t have to stress out about it anymore; it’s a done deal.”


Kristen Excited about New Moon…but wait..which stud????

March 18, 2009

Kristen Stewart Excited

Despite the near Twi-Twit riot Kristen Stewart caused via her interview in Nylon Magazine, in which she seemingly bashed the crazed fans, K told us she’s actually thrilled to get back into New Moon. And we sorta believe her. “We’re going to pick up right here we left off,” she said with as much enthusiasm as Kristen can possibly emit (she’s not exactly the bubbly chick). That said, she had deets to offer:“I’m so excited because the story is scaled down a little bit. [Edward] leaves her, and that’s sort of what the entire first movie is based on,” K.S. semi-enthused. So if you take that away, there is still a story, which I think is impressive.” Holy smokes, Twi-Twits! Is that a genuine compliment about the Twilight franchise Stewart previously termed “ridiculous”? Maybe. And which costar is Stewart most decidedly unambivalent about seeing again?

A.T.: Who are you most excited to see when you get up to Vancouver?

K.T.: “Taylor Lautner!” screamed the woman who supposedly romanced—onscreen and off—mega-vamp hunk Rob Pattinson. “[Lautner]’s still playing Jacob and that’s, like, the coolest thing.” Stewart practically drooled: “He’s buff, too. ‘Cause that’s so important,” she added sarcastically, as if that snap-save was going to throw us off one damn bit. (She totally didn’t get the uproar ‘bout cutie Lautner not being able to play Jacob because he wasn’t strong enough, and we didn’t either.)

A.T.: So is he up to the challenge of taking Rob’s place?

K.S.: He’s so good, and that will be a feat, but I think he’s got it.

A.T.: You’re excited then about the new direction of this film?

K.S.: I can’t wait to see how [Jacob] is able to pull [Bella] out, but he does. She’s like a zombie and he’s the light. It’s such a tragic story. It’s like, ‘That’s who I should be with, but I’m totally in love with the guy I shouldn’t be with.’ Girls are like that. It’s relatable.

Relatable or retardable? Both?

Oh, and judging by the way K.S. gushed, looks like Taylor has almost dethroned Patz in her mind. Maybe Rob and Kristen really are just good friends? Now, maybe.

We kinda think Taylor and Stewart look kinda cute together…no?