About Me…

Hey Everyone,

I am currently in Los Angeles, CA. I am originally from Puerto Rico and I am a proud hispanic. You guys might recognize my postings because I opened first a wordpress blog and then I decided to get a domain. My other blog is kristianortiz.com I am a huge fan of Twilight and I have read each and every book, as soon as I heard about the movie though. I do love the Movie Biz but there’s a lot of PR and some other stuff that nobody really likes. I am not here to trash any actor! So please avoid any offensive comments to other people or the casting of different movies. Personally, I don’t like when people judge other people from the outside, if you wanna judge at least do it from within! No I am not a casting director so please don’t try to do your submission through here, get the actor breakdown services and that will help find you work….if you have any questions on the movie business please don’t hesitate to ask, and if I don’t know I will find you the answer asap…I hope you like this blog!!!





  1. i love twilight to i read all of the books in a weeks time but not all were out yet.

  2. That’s Great Rachael!!!! Enjoy “The Breaking Dawn” which I believe the characters come out more even though the story is told at a different pace than the other books. Stephenie Meyer did a very great job!!!!


  3. Hi Kris!!
    I’ve read all books, too!! They are sooooo… great!
    I’ve seen the film and i think you and Robert are a really beautiful pair!!!
    But it’s so sad that you aren’t a pair in real life…

    I am a huge twilight fan and i can’t get to much about it!!

    In love, Lena

  4. Hi Lena,

    That’s great….I am sorry but I am Kristian not Kristen…lol anyway hope u liked my blog….take care


  5. Okay soo bella they dont need to be together!!!
    love kendle:]]]

  6. Hi Kris

    I don’t read the book ! I just saw the movie .It’s OK but you look great.

  7. OMG Edward is sooooooo HOT in the movie So is jacob but im jus not feeling jacob and bella together … she sooo belongs with edward

  8. Hey Kris

    Love Twilight so much

    u r awsome in it

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