Kristen Stewart’s Boyfriend Squashes Robert Pattinson Romance Rumors

April 2, 2009

kristen-stewart-and-michael-angaranoSeeing Kristen Stewart and her visiting boyfriend, Michael Angarano, walking hand in hand near the New Moon set in Vancouver might be a little disheartening to fans hoping for a real-life romance between the actress and her costar Robert Pattinson. Yet despite such wishful thinking on the part of many Twi-hards, Stewart insists it hasn’t affected her relationship with Angarano, telling USA Today that he’s “totally not a threatened guy.” Of course, the nonexistence of an offscreen love affair between the Twilight stars does keep the fantasy alive for millions of girls longing to one day find themselves in the comfort of Edward’s, er, Pattinson’s embrace. “They covet him,” says Stewart. “I think half of them are so jealous that they hate me.” Now there’s an understatement if we ever heard one.

They seem to have a great time together….either having fun in the snow, at a house party or just having a smoke….they still seem happy. Please let me know how u feel about all this……



  1. aww….. that’s JUST TOO BAD!!!!! I would vote for Rob- Kristen than Michael-Kristen…. For crying out loud Kristen! Pick Robert!!!!

  2. i dont even know why girls like Robert Pattinson so much he s british who doesn’t do good at acting and why would they be mean to Kristen Stewart because she doesn’t like him i mean of course she doesnt like him hes weird and i think hes extremely ugly…

  3. i dont like seeing them together rob and kristin should be togeter they make a perect couple and with propises follwing me every where i go i would be pretty angry to so pick rob for god sake

  4. uhmm even if i really want the kris-rob tandem we cant do anything realy bella i mean kristen has her own lyf but for tiki’s info ed is hot so do rob so if i wont offend you if you dont like them then stop commenting cause u dont know anything about them better keep ur mouth shut ok i dont care if u think im an asshole but im a great fan of robert and so do kristen we cant do anything about kristens feelings so better just trust her and wish her happiness

  5. TO TIKI

    What is wrong with someone being British? It doesn’t matter where you come from and he has a great personality because he makes people laugh just by talking! You don’t even need to know it’s him to laugh! And just because he does not appeal to you as he does to others that is still rude to say!

    He is a good actor, maybe not like Al Paccino or Jack Nicholson who are oscar winners for instance but he does a whole range of different types of films he has been in. And who are you to say he is ugly? I don’t see how you can’t say he is attractive. I can however see that you might not be attracted to him.

    And i bet you wish you could be as fun and outgoing as him cause being weird is probably the best thing about him! Makes him seem genuine unlike some wannabe’s or Miley Cyrus (did u see her on Jonathon Ross??)!!

  6. y shuld kristen stewart date Robert Pattison?…they are only cute together as Bella and Edward…in real life i think they will be a mismatch…besides I was didgusted at the fact that she smokes!!! dats ewww…but i still think she’s great but i know that I can make a better a Bella…lool…

  7. These are old pictures I’ve seen them all before!

  8. tiki, have the you got something against the British? you stuck up dork. i love Rob, i think he is a great actor and as much as i yearn for Kristen and Rob to be together, it’s her choice, and unlike some other twi-hards, i LOVE Kristen!

  9. I Am Glad Kristen Is A Real Women Who Will Stick By Her Man From Beginning To End! See That’s A Real Women. Michael Has Definitely Choose The Right Girl And I’m Sure Robert Is Not Some Asshole Trying To Get In The Middle Of Someone Elses Relationship.

  10. i think she should go with robert, they’ve got chemistry…oh and drop the smoking 😀 xo

  11. stay whit your boyfriend Rob is not a real thing. O live Rob but its not an Edward is just an actor you already have your love. dont make a movie take that away.

  12. iu no se como lo prefiere si tiene a robert

  13. people its there lives if rob decides to stay single or he decides to date a fan or what not its none of our business
    i can understand where hes comin from
    i fell in love with rob myself
    im not that obessesed with i dont follow him around like a little puppy dog
    he’s human just like us
    if i seen him one day
    im not gonna grope him or pull his hair
    thats stupid
    im 33 years old
    if i seen him id say hi and bye to him
    if he wanted to chat
    thats fine but im not going to control his life
    ive had exes like that and it drives me nuts
    if anything happened between us id rather be his friend first i think that’s what he needs right now
    give him a break

  14. Well I just want my Bella to be happy, be it rob or angara… You guys just stop pushing her. it might effect her relations with angar..
    I m sick lol

  15. OMG! please, please just pick Rob! hes os freaking hot! and you too are the perfest couple!

  16. Ok no offense but guys they are two actors playing two characters, kristen and rob…probably in real life have nothing in common. she looks like she fits with michael way better. ANYWAYS point being they obviously are nothing like their characters, so why do ppl want them to be together. P.s. if you think they had chemistry, well idk….i didnt see it in the movie…only time i saw anything close to it was the kissing scene but besides that idk. eitherway i love the twilight series…but i know these actors arent the characters we love.


  18. wow people, I seriously doubt any of the actors will read these comments, so why try and tell them what you think they should do?? Besides, you can say if you think someone’s attractive or not, but you CAN NOT say whether one of the guys is better than the other or goes better with her than the other. You don’t know what any of them are like!! Let them make their own freakin decisions and stop acting like you know what the actors are like in real life and what’s best for them.

  19. I think Kristine is just for Robert!

  20. people…people….people…if i wer u i would ust give them some space u dont know maybe wen tym comes she’ll leave him n come to rob…and she really isn’tsmoking(maybe)its probably artificial actors use it in movies n stuff nd i hear that they do read peoples comments abwt them so i would give them space…oh and no offense to kristen…ur bf sucks !!!i dont care if u dont go out with rob,w/c i would really want….but if u take a look u would change ur mind urself…
    i love kristen…
    i love robert…
    u guys rock..
    ur boyfriend sucks…
    (no offence)
    but i like u 4ever

  21. im less concerned with the fact that she and Rob Patz arent up to anything then with the fact that she smokes. I thought she’d be smarter then that. but whatever, its not our body she’s killing.
    i dont see how millions of girls are obsessed with Rob Patz either. i mean, he hasnt showered in weeks!

  22. hi!!! hey! wake up everybody I know Robert Pattinson is so hot! but live kristen and him, let him decide what she wants, everybody says that kristen and robert, both looks better than kristen and michael, but taht what they want!.
    All the fans like me, want them happy so, leave them with them life, everybody dont be stupid and jealous, leave them. Love to everybody and I hope you can understand them!

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