Twilighter’s……April Fool’s!!!!!!!!!!

April 1, 2009

Twilight's Japan Premiere: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner Late Tuesday night, mere hours before it was officially April Fools’ Day, blogs started to report that Robert Pattinson wouldn’t appear in “Twilight” sequel “New Moon.” All the sites had different reasons for RPattz’s exit from the film. PopSugar reported that he wanted out due to all the fan frenzy surrounding him and that he hoped to stick to smaller films in the future. The blog also said Taylor Lautner would assume the role of Edward Cullen. “Enraged fans have already started sending costume vampire teeth to Robert as a plea to get him back,” the post read. “But it looks like he’s sticking to his decision.” Meanwhile, ScreenRant.com reported that the “production of ‘New Moon’ has shut down due to a dispute on the set,” adding, “It seems that star Robert Pattinson has been butting heads with director Chris Weitz over not only script decisions, but apparent favoritism towards cast newcomer Dakota Fanning. Fanning has a much more established acting pedigree than Robert Pattinson, and according to reports, he’s pretty torqued about the difference in treatment on the set.” The site also had a new Edward Cullen lined up: Zac Efron. “Apparently the director and producers were impressed by Zac Efron’s performance in another teen-targeted film: ‘High School Musical,’ ” the post read. “They think Efron could be a good fit, and maybe even better than Robert Pattinson in the role and for the box office of future ‘Twilight’ films.”

Rest easy, Twilighters: Rob isn’t going anywhere.


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