On-set The Twilight Saga: New Moon with Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Nikki Reed….it’s a must check out pics….

April 1, 2009

New Moon on set

Diligently at work on their new movie, Kristen Stewart teamed up with Taylor Lautner to film scenes for “New Moon” in Vancouver on Tuesday (March 31). The superstar pair stood side-by-side to start things off, with Kristen then filming a few action scenes during a solo shoot to cap off the day. Meanwhile, Kristen and Taylor’s co-star, Nikki Reed, took her turn on the set the previous day, looking in high spirits as she wandered about the set.

“New Moon” is the much-anticipated sequel to “Twilight,” with a theatrical release date set for November 20, 2009.


One comment

  1. Can anyone tell me why Nicki Reed is on the set with kristen and taylor when i dont remember a single point in the book when rosalie, bella and jacob are in the same room together?? are they replacing alice’s part with rosalie?? someone please tell me…

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